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Update from the 8th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit Shoreham College 13th July 2015

Tue 14 Jul 2015

The 8th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit was held at Shoreham College yesterday (13th July 2015). Around 100 pupils from 10 schools came together for a day of eco-themed workshops ranging from a workshop about the ocean by local marine biologist Steve Savage, to playing music with instruments made from 'junk'. There was a cookery demonstration about healthy local food by Rosemary Moon in association with The Southern Co-operative; an eco song writing workshop by James King whose song 'Breathe' is the Eco Schools England anthem; a solar energy workshop; an amazon workshop; a 'Reduce Reuse & Recycle' workshop from West Sussex Waste Prevention department; and a Bugcycle recycle workshop where pupils made artwork from old bicycle wheels. This artwork will be displayed at Beach House Park. 

There were stands from Southern Water; Sussex Wildlife Trust; South Downs National Park Authority and Young People's Trust for the Environment. 

VIP guests included The Vice Chairman of Adur, Cllr Ann Bridges who announced and presented prizes to the winners of the E.Y.E. Project Mascot Competition which was sponsored by The Southern Co-operative; and The Mayor and Mayroress of the Borough of Worthing. The Mayor gave a speech about what he had seen at the Eco Summit and the importance of taking environmental issues seriously. Also attending the day was the Councillor of Adur District and Executive member for Environment Cllr Dollomore.

Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer who ran workshops at previous Eco Summits sent a video message to welcome pupils to the event.

Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing & Shoreham and founder of the E.Y.E. Project said "Eight years on from our first Eco Summit the enthusiasm of the many pupils and staff who attended this week’s event to make sure they are doing their bit to protect our environment was as strong as ever. There was a wide range of learning available in the workshops and schools took away some great ideas for recycling, energy conservation and eating healthily by reducing food miles amongst other topics. As we expand into more schools across West Sussex the E.Y.E. Project should become the benchmark of how we teach our kids about good environmental stewardship and how they can influence their own families and communities. The E.Y.E. Project team did a great job and we are particularly grateful to Shoreham College for being such enthusiastic and generous hosts."

Pupils created a fantastic feedback tree with their comments, pledges, and about what they learned at the Eco Summit.

Here are some of the comments made by pupils about the event:

  • "I enjoyed everything. I liked the way we learned a lot and in a fun way! It got the message across!"
  • "I enjoyed all my workshops and trying new foods, being creative and learning it's important to save energy and not to litter. I  had a great day and can't wait to make a difference!"
  • "I had a great time. The cooking and singing were the best. I had  great fun. I learnt so much."
  • "I loved all of the workshops I did, and I can't pick a favourite. I learnt a lot about recycling. It was fun!"
  • "I enjoyed everything here and especially enjoyed Amazon connections and breathe campaign."
  • "I loved Junk Percussion. It was really fun. I was amazed by what you can make from Junk."
  • "I enjoyed BugCycle Recycles because I liked being creative and I found out what you do with some old junk."
  • "I liked the breathe campaign. I learnt that writing eco songs is fun."

Here are some of the things that the pupils said they had learnt from the day:

  • "I learnt that many baby birds can die from swallowing plastic in the ocean."
  • "I learnt about solar panels and how they are the future."
  • "I learnt alot of new, healthy, local recipes."

Here are some of the personal pledges made by pupils as a result of the day:

  • "Protect the world by reduce or recycle and reuse and make the world a better world.
  • "Recycle more things."
  • "To make sure everyone in my class recycles."
  • "To take less time in the shower."
  • "To not use any more water than you need to."
  • "To not waste water"
  • "Unplug my chargers etc when not in use."
  • "To make sure I turn off lights when they aren't being used!"
  • "Don't use electronics so much."
  • "Use electricity less at home."
  • "To invest in solar panels for our school to save us some money and energy, and water butts to save water." 
  • "Help other people with the environment."
  • "Walk to school more often."
  • "To not waste as much food as before."
  • "Start cycling to places instead of driving/getting a lift."
  • "To get involved in the seed swap in order to plant more vegetables and flowers in our school."

And some School Pledges:

  • "Start a litter campaign to improve people's attitude to littering."
  • "To ensure (as far as possible) that all food brought in to be used at school is produced locally e.g. Food Tech, Summer Fair,    Disco's etc."
  • "Promote the usage of less energy around the school. Encourage people to switch off lights and computers. To use less water. To investigate the prospect of installing solar panels and water butts."
  • "We will make sure we turn off taps. Recycle more paper and use recycled material and be creative with the outside  environment."
  • "Always turn off the computer and whiteboards when they are not being used. Plant more trees. Compost fruit."
  • "Fundraising activities to get an acre of the rainforest. We pledge to create an eco garden with a bug hotel, a pond etc, and a  cooking garden. Make something from recycled materials."
  • "Make sure our taps don't leak. Make sure the taps aren't running when they are not being used. Continue our energy  challenge. Turning off our lights. To promote battery recycling."
  • "That a teacher will go to every classroom at the end of the day to ensure that all of the electrical equipment is unplugged." 

The E.Y.E. Project team would like to say a big thank you to all those who were involved with or attended the day especially to:

  • Shoreham College who hosted the day so wonderfully in their lovely grounds
  • The Southern Co-operative who not only sponsor the E.Y.E. Project, but donated the prizes for the Mascot Competition
  • The Vice Chairman of Adur for attending the day and presenting the E.Y.E. Project Mascot Competition prizes
  • The Mayor & Mayoress of the Borough of Worthing
  • Southern Rail for providing rail tickets from London for one of the workshops
  • Lewis Crathern for his welcome video
  • All workshops and stand holders at the event
  • Not forgetting all schools and pupils who attended the day.


You can listen to the single Breathe by James King by clicking on this link:

To find out more about the Breathe Campaign click here:

To view Lewis Crathern's welcome message click here:

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