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10th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit - June

Sat 27 May 2017

Preparations for our 10th Worthing and Adur Eco Summit event in June being held at Davison CE High School for Girls are now well under way.

We are inviting pupils from Worthing & Adur Primary and Secondary schools to join with other schools in the area to learn about environmental matters through fun and educational activities at the event which this year will have a Sustainability theme.

We are pleased to announce that Eco-Schools England will be giving a Key Note speech at the event on the combined subjects of Sustainability and the Eco-Schools programme. 

Pupils will be able to attend three workshop sessions each and we are delighted to announce that the following workshop providers will be involved in the event:.

Eco Schools England ‘Eco Schools and Beyond’ is a Secondary School workshop looking at how pupils use water in school and at home and include activities to show the volume of water used for simple tasks. This is then compared to how water is used in Eco-School countries from around the world. (Key Stages 3/4)

Southern Water ‘Are you a Water Hero?’ is a Primary school workshop looking at how pupils can be a ‘Heroes’ and reduce water use saving energy and money. Pupils will consider the different things they use water for, how they think they can cut down usage, and also play a magnetic pie chart game. (Key Stage 2)

Brighton University STEM ‘Energy Watch’ is a Secondary school sustainable energy workshop. Pupils will use wind turbine models and solar cells to gain experience in solving real world energy problems. (Key Stage 3/4)

Shoreham Port ‘I’ve Got The Power’ is a Primary school sustainable/renewable energy workshop with practical experiments building a Wind Turbine / Solar Cell to create Electricity. Pupils will discuss and identify potential sources of renewable energy available to the Port using a large scale model. (Key Stage 1/2)

Action for Conservation ‘Wild-Ed – Taking Action for the Environment’ is a Secondary school workshop which will take an expedition into the world of conservation, bringing careers in the environmental sector to life and inspiring pupils to take action themselves. (Key Stage 3/4)

Froglife ‘Wildlife Workshop – Amphibians and Reptiles’ is a workshop by Froglife who deliver conservation and education projects across the UK. Pupils will learn how to identify them, find them, and create great habitats for them and then will design wildlife gardens in groups. (Key Stage 1/2/3)

The Southern Co-operative ‘Explore the food on your doorstep’ will look at food miles and how far our food travels. The workshop will include map work, role play and the chance to try local produce. (Key Stage 2)

Davison CE High School for Girls ‘Be Safe-Be Seen – design an eco-reflective accessory’ Using reclaimed high viz clothing and reflective waste pupils will have the chance to design and make a High Viz and reflective accessory to help them be safe and be seen on the streets (Key Stages 2/3/4)

Davison CE High School for Girls ‘Challenges faced by animals in an ever changing environment’ looks at different habitats, the adaptations different animals have to make to survive, what the future holds if climate change continues and ways that we can help to reduce our impact on the environment and how that will help our animal friends. Workshop includes animal handling. (All Key Stages)

Lewis Crathern, Worthing based British Champion Kite Surfer ‘Kite Flying – The Power of Wind’ will look at the power of wind using kite surfing as a tool to discuss renewable energy which is followed by kite flying on the field. (All Key Stages)

Steve Savage (Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve) ‘Plastic is Here to Stay’ is a workshop that will investigate the damage that plastic causes to the environment and how to help reduce plastic pollution.

Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) and Plumpton College ‘From Field to Plate’ will focus on arable crops. During the workshop students will identify crops, establish links to crops in everyday foods, and become ‘hands on’ in grinding to make flour and preparation of dough to create bread rolls. (Key Stage 2)

Creative Waves ‘Re-cycle, Re-use, RECREATE’ is an art workshop using natural, found and waste materials to create a large collaborative work of art. Pupils will discuss / share important environmental messages that will be included in the artwork. (All Key Stages)

National Trust (Slindon Estate) ‘What’s gone wrong?’ will look at how we can live more sustainably and how environments change which can sometimes pose a danger to living creatures and their habitats. Pupils will create a display using fabrics which will be exhibited at the Slindon Community Orchard. (Key Stage 1/2)

Sussex Green Living ‘Where’s the Impact?’ Using eco footprint cards this workshop explores everyday products to understand the story behind the manufacturing process. Looking at what a product is made of and where it comes from pupils will trace the products carbon footprint using maps and play a fun card game. (Key Stage 2)

Moving Sounds 'Music & The Genius of Creativity'Using music and the genius of creativity pupils will discuss how to solve environmental challenges and have lots of fun (All Key Stages)

To find out how your school can be involved in the event please send an email to sends e-mail)