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The Littlehampton Academy Eco Summit

Thu 24 Mar 2016


The Littlehampton Academy Eco Summit was a great success on the last day of term before the Easter break.

Around 100 pupils from 8 of Littlehampton Academy's Feeder schools took part in the day and experienced a variety of workshops on environmental and sustainability themes, provided by a number of Workshop Leaders (listed below), and a Key Note Speech was given by David Ingham from Wastebuster which focused the issues of waste including marine waste and on 'Doing Something Small to make a Difference' 

  • Southern Water - Are You a Water Hero?
  • Wastebuster - The Buster and Pong Recycling Song
  • Farming & Countryside Education (FACE)/ Plumpton College - From Field to Plate
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust/Wild About Worthing Project - Forest School Activity 'Firelighting'
  • Worthing Homes - Relishing Sustainability
  • The Body Shop - A Day in the Life of...
  • Sussex Green Living - Grown Your Own Revolution
  • Nicola Peel - Amazon Adventures

Here are some pupil comments:

'I think the Eco Summit is a really amazing chance for children to learn about saving the earth.'

'Thank you to all the people who organised the event. I learnt lots about the environment.'

'I enjoyed all the workshops I did! I will tell people that I know about this Eco day and I will spread the recycling message.'

'I enjoyed everything at TLA. I would love to attend this every year.'

'I've enjoyed all of it and I've learnt how to save more money at home by saving energy; lighting a fire; and knowing there is alot of things you can reuse with plastic.'

'I enjoyed this day because it was fun fascinating and interesting. I learnt that we use 150 litres [of water] a day.'

'Real feeling of children engaging physically and interpersonally with the issues out there and looking at what they can DO to make a difference.' - Ambassador Pupil from TLA

'I felt the event was very educational and was run very smoothly. Very well planned and I am sure the kids learnt alot, so did I!" - Ambassador pupil from TLA

'I most enjoyed Farming because I like learning where our food comes from and what a busy year a farmer has'

'I enjoyed making bread. I now know that wheat comes from fields'

'I enjoyed the Be a water hero. It was really fun and I would come again.'

'I learnt how to make electricity and how to save water. I enjoyed using the bike to charge a phone.''

''My favourite workshop was the Body Shop workshop because it taught us about Fair trade. We were using lego for money so we can put ourselves in an Indian families shoes and see what they have to go through.'

'I learnt that life isn't easy in all countries.'

'I enjoyed working on human rationing.'

'I liked the part of the Body Shop because I experienced how life can be tough as a child living in Southern India.' 

'I really enjoyed the Amazon Adventures workshop. Its engaging interactive activities taught the children about the biodiversity of the rainforest, and the foundations which make it a sustainable environment.' - Ambassador pupil from TLA

'I enjoyed the Buster & Pong [recycling song], I'll sing that for days to come.'

'The Wastebuster [workshop] taught me not to throw litter by teaching us a cool song with actions.'

'I enjoyed learning about to recycle and reuse alot more. Thank you!'

'Don't buy fruit or veg in packages, buy it separately or grow your own.'

'I have enjoyed doing all of the activities. My favourite activity was lighting the fires because it was in the environment and it taught me alot of things.'

'I thought the Forest School was really hands on. An interesting look on how we can survive while being eco.'


Schools were also invited to make a School Pledge as a result of what they had learnt and experienced during the day. These included the following Pledges:

'Pledge to spread the word of today's summit to our parents and community and ways in which out school can  make more positive changes.'

'At school we are going to: recycle more plastics and reuse more things, switch off when things are not being used.'

'We pledge to turn the heating down in our school and close all doors and windows to keep the heat in.'

'We will think about growing more of our own food and think about where our food comes from.'


With thanks again to: The Littlehampton Academy for hosting this event and being a Eco Summit hub for their feeder schools; to all workshop leaders and organisations involved in the day; to The Southern Co-operative for Sponsoring the E.Y.E. Project and for providing Refreshments and Food for workshop leaders; to Wyevale Garden Centre for providing seeds for attending schools to grow in their own school grounds; to Kendricks Tea & Coffee for providing recyclable cups for the event; to Worthing High School for hosting and supporting the E.Y.E. Project and most of all to the schools and pupils who attended the day!!


A link to the Littlehampton Gazette article:


We are pleased to announce that The Littlehampton Academy will be hosting their third Eco Summit on 24th March 2016 for their local Primary schools.

We look forward to offering a wide range of interactive and engaging workshops and stands to our student delegates. Nine of the Littlehampton Academy's feeder schools wil be attending the event.

Workshops will cover a range of Environmental and Sustainability themes including Water, Waste, Recycling, Global Citizenship, and Biodiversity.

The Workshop Providers who will be providing sessions on the day are:

  • Southern Water - Are You a Water Hero?
  • Wasterbuster - The Buster and Pong Recycling Song
  • Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) - From Field to Plate
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust/Wild About Worthing Project - Forest School Activity 'Firelighting'
  • Worthing Homes - Relishing Sustainability
  • The Body Shop - A Day in the Life of...
  • Sussex Green Living - Grown Your Own Revolution
  • Nicola Peel - Amazon Adventures

The Director of Wastebuster will give a Key Note Speech on 'Doing something small to make a difference’. This is a theme that Wastebuster are promoting to help children realise they can make a difference and prevent our planets resources from being wasted as well preventing litter and pollution damaging our Eco systems. Children will then be told about 15 challenges that they can undertake to make a difference under the three headings of Explorer Challenges, Mission Challenges and Reporter Challenges.

There will also be the opportunity to browse a number of stands from some of the above Workshop Providers and the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA)

Full details are in the process of being sent by The Littlehampton Academy to each of the 9 feeder schools that are taking part.


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