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2016 - 9th Worthing & Adur Eco-summit. Art Angles Workshop - Creativity Through Waste

Tue 21 Jun 2016

The workshop was based on beach combed rubbish used to create Planet forms raising awareness of the amount of debris on the coast and its impact on biodiversity.

The Rubbish was made into planets from materials collected from Sussex beaches. Much of the rubbish is take away food and unwanted toys.  

The workshop leaders focused on the current excitement of space travel and whether we would be a fit species to occupy another planet with our current record of pollution and ecological damage. Children discussed this during the workshop.

The children sorted coloured MOOP (found Matter Out Of Place) and arranged the rubbish to create hanging structures that represent planets. The workshop demonstrated the size and scale of the debris dumped on the coast and raised awarenwss of the way that excess surface water is drained into the sea with sewage and all the litter that is collected in it. 

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