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2016 - 9th Worthing & Adur Eco-summit. Shoreham Port Workshop - The Tide is High

Tue 21 Jun 2016

Ports are a vital part of the UK transport system, handling exports and imports of an enormous variety of raw materials and products. This workshop with Shoreham Port Authority and Hemsley Orrell Partnership discussed how ports like Shoreham will tackle the predicted sea level rises due to climate change.  A reliable and effective solution will need to be found in the next few decades or our ports won’t be able to operate, leading to serious implications for national and international trade.  

Pupils in this workshop met the engineers who are having to think about these challenging issues, learnt about the work that they do and heard about some of the interesting things that come through Shoreham.  The children were then involved in an experiment with a water tank and were involved in practical ideas and designs to create some innovative flood defences. 

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