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Mon 28 Sep 2015

Ø  The Southern Co-operative -

  • Learn more about the E.Y.E. Project Sponsors and how they are working towards a sustainable future and supporting communities.


Ø  STEM Sussex -


Ø  YPTE (The Young People’s Trust for the Environment) -

  • Access resources such as factsheets, videos, and articles on the environment and sustainability.
  • They offer a free service to schools across Sussex giving educational talks on a range of global issues. For further information please click here:
  • A list of the talks that they offer can be found on the document below. For further details please contact the Education Officer Rachel Bell 01273 554785



  • Transition Town Worthing - - TTW has a number of sub groups and networks covering different areas of interest. These include Food, Transport, Energy and Resources, Wellbeing and Living Heritage. There are also Local Groups based on your local area which provide a space for you to link up with neighbours for issues or projects relating to your part of town.