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Adventures of Ed The Bear

Tue 3 Nov 2015

For some of our local schools Ed The Bear is a familiar name as he has attended E.Y.E. project Eco Summits with Marine Biologist, Steve Savage.

Ed The Bear lives on Shoreham Beach in the UK which is a nature reserve with a globally rare habitat called vegetated shingle. Concerned about the damage that global issues such as climate change and pollution might have on his beach he is visiting scientists and experts around the world to find out more about these conservation issues. During his travels he has also encountered some amazing wildlife and also met people helping the ocean. He shares his experiences through his blog and by visiting schools.

Ed the Bear is currently on a voyage with Ed Wade Martins (of Moving Sounds who has also been involved with our previous Eco Summits) and a crew of group of musicians, story tellers, environmentalists and educators passionate about exploring the world we live in. They are working with local people along the way to create music, films, environmental and educational programmes.

Steve Savage has advised that one particular aim is for Ed the Bear is to visit the North Atlantic Gyre. Most people are familiar with the Pacific Gyre (also known as trash island) which Ed the Bear has also visited on a few occasions now. The chance to visit our nearest ocean gyre is very exciting and most relevant to us in the UK. This fits well with the aim of their project looking at the local as part of the global. To find out more about the journey of Ed the Bear visit his online journal weblog You can also go to  where there is more background on the current adventure.

For previous adventures added to our website last October please click on this link:

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