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Chance to win up to £5,000 for your school with Total Green School Awards

Wed 11 Mar 2015

The Total Green School Awards give teachers and their students the opportunity to study a huge range of environmental topics and are strongly linked with the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Work carried out for the Total Green School Awards also perfectly complements work towards Eco Schools.

The Awards help to enable environmental issues to be taught in a cross-curricular way, so that subjects like Art, English, History, Mathematics and Home Economics could form the focus of your project in an equally valid way to the more obvious approached to be taken through Science, Technology and Geography. What is more, the Awards help make learning fun!

Set your pupils the challenge of producing an environmental project involving everyone in your group, or class that meets with one of the Total Green School categories which are Totally Active; Totally Clued Up; Totally Creative; Totally Powered Up.

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Competition Project must be submitted by 8.5.2015