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Earth Hour. Lights Out. Do it for our planet!

Tue 10 Mar 2015

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Be part of the world’s biggest celebration for our amazing planet, simply sign up and switch off the lights for one hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 28th March. But the lights out really is just the beginning. At its heart, Earth Hour is a community of people who are sharing their love for our planet and taking action to protect it every day. Because together we can make change happen…


In the UK alone, we’re consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources, and we’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our generation has ever seen – climate change. It’s real, it’s happening now and it’s affecting the things we all love, but the good news is that we can make a difference

Last year an amazing 4,600 UK schools took part in the days and weeks leading up the main event, reaching over 2 million students and making it the biggest Earth Hour yet!

This year WWF are asking schools to focus on all the positive reasons to do something about climate change and challenging schools to create special ‘For the love of… ‘ bunting to send a powerful message to decision makers as we head towards the next big climate change summit.

Sign up and let WWF know you’ll be joining in on 28 March at 8.30pm. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate in the week leading up to Earth Hour, WWF have highlighted some of their favorite stories from last year from planning a ‘wear-it-bright’ dress up day to creating your very own Earth Hour activity! For further information please visit the WWF Earth Hour website: