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Earthworms are Ecosystem Engineers

Mon 19 Oct 2015
… Earthworms are Ecosystem Engineers (Nature's ploughs). They are some of the most important animals in the world & we rely on them for good soil structure & fertility. 
Home & organisational composting is very important for maintenance of productivity in Green Spaces. 
A survey is being carried out by the Earthworm Society of Britain to establish where in the Worthing area (Home and organisations) there are PRACTICAL working models of composting situations that close the loop, properly demonstrating detritivores & decomposers functioning organically to make a recycled product that can be used for growing.
They are inviting local schools to be involved in this survey to establish working models of composting in School Grounds locally. If you have a composter in your school grounds, or indeed if you compost at home, please take a minute to complete the very quick survey. Here is the link: Google Forms Earthworm Society of Britain Survey
To find out more about the Earthworm Society of Britain you can visit where you can also download an Earthworm Wordsearch Activity Sheet.
The Recycle Now website has a step by step guide to composting and this can be found here: