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Eco Awareness Poster Challenge for West Sussex Schools

Tue 19 Dec 2017

Raising awareness and suggesting actions that we can all take to help the environment is the focus of this challenge.

We are challenging West Sussex Primary and Secondary school pupils to produce a poster with a clear eco message. The poster should contain the pupils own short 2 to 4-line poem, rhyme or narrative and a drawing outlining their message.

The message can have any environmental or sustainability theme such as:

* Planting for pollinators * Growing your own produce * Planting a tree * Making homes for nature * Using refillable cups * Refusing single use plastics *Taking reusable bags to the shops * Buying Fairtrade * Making sure taps are turned fully off * Drinking tap not bottled water * Walking rather than driving * Using Public Transport * Turning appliances off, not leaving them on standby * Turning lights off when not needed *Not littering * Recycling more * Reducing your carbon footprint...… your pupils may have some better ideas!

There will be prizes for pupils and schools whose posters are selected to be used in the campaign. The winning posters will be distributed to participating and member schools, local communities and businesses. A wider range of posters will also be available to download from our website.

The posters will be judged by a panel of individuals from Southern Co-op and The E.Y.E Project.

We ask you to use the A4 templates that were provided to schools by email on 13th December. If you would like to find out more please go to the 'contact' tab.

Entries should be received no later than 20th February 2018.

This challenge is sponsored by Southern Co-op. We would like to thank Southern Co-op for their support.