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Eco Christmas Competition winners announced

Mon 12 Dec 2016

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Inspired by the great works of some schools, we challenged our growing E.Y.E Project school family to create as many eco-friendly decorated school Christmas trees as possible this year. It has been fantastic to see the wonderful range of resourceful and imaginative eco Christmas tree decorations and indeed eco trees created by schools along the West Sussex coast from Climping to Shoreham.

We can now announce that the winning schools are:

Primary School Winner - Georgian Gardens Community Primary School

Secondary School Winner -  Worthing High School

Congratulations to the winning schools who will each receive £100 garden vouchers kindly donated by The Southern Co-operative.

Georgian Gardens Community Primary School -'The angels and Christmas trees are made from ironed recycled plastic bags cut into circles and decorated. The Stars from recycled cardboard boxes covered in unraveled wool strands and the small multicoloured baubles by covering shapes with scraps of tissue paper. In addition to decorating our school tree the Green Team make decorations for the tree at our partnership railway station at Angmering.'

Worthing High School - 'For our eco-friendly Christmas tree we chose to focus on the issue of waste. Growing and cutting down living Christmas trees can be very environmentally unfriendly as they take up valuable habitat space so we have created a Christmas tree from a pallet that would have otherwise been waste in landfill. Our decorations are made from waste materials found around school and in our own homes. We have used wool left over from a knitting project, sweet wrappers, milk bottle lids, left over wrapping paper from our Christmas hampers, string from an old sack that had a hole in it and card from the recycling bin. Our lights are LED and use re-chargeable batteries.'

We would like to thank all schools that took part in the challenge. A range of materials were used by participating schools including lollipop sticks; plastic cups; fabric scraps; bottle tops; twigs and old yarn to name but a few. Some of the wonderful creations were living trees decorated with milk bottle tops; nativity characters made from pebbles; an entire Christmas tree made from carefully piled up books; a Christmas tree made from a cardboard box; and decorations from oranges.

Decorations created by Georgian Gardens

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Winning Primary School decorations from Georgian Gardens
Winning Secondary School tree from Worthing High School