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Eco-schools Anthem

Wed 11 Mar 2015

James King has toured Eco-Schools performing his song Breathe, the anthem of England's Eco-Schools.

Eco-Schools are all doing fantastic work to ensure that we live sustainable lives, protecting the future of the planet by making improvements to their school and local area.

Through the Eco-Topics of James King has toured Eco-Schools Energy, Waste, Transport, Biodiversity and Global Citizenship, pupils at Eco-Schools learn about the impact we have on the Earth’s atmosphere, and how nature provides us with clean air to Breathe.

The song Breathe is all about making changes and standing up for what we believe in. The single will be released on the 30th March and the proceeds from it will help support the Eco-Schools programme in England.

Full details and further links can be found on the Eco-Schools website: Eco-Schools News and further details can also be found on the James King Music website: James King Music