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Eco Summit actions spread to India!

Wed 4 Jul 2018

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Last year a Headteacher from an Indian school visited the Eco Summit at Davison High School. He was so inspired by the day that he returned to India and set up an eco-group in his school. 120 students are in the group and they came up with a lot of ideas which they are now implementing - these included: Avoiding the use of plastic carry bags and plastics in school; introducing a recycling bin; tree planting both in school and in other public places on the first Saturday of every month; using old plastic buckets as flower pots, redirecting waste water to the garden; and growing vegetables. It is great to know that the actions of the E.Y.E Project has had a positive eco effect on pupils in another Country!

St Antony’s Eco Project

Lourdusamy explains how the school is committed to becoming an Eco School… This year we have started an Eco Club. Although the whole school is involved with preservation of the environment, we have formed a group of 120 students from 3rd to 8th standard and 10 teaching and non-teaching staff to lead them. They are all very interested and keen. Some of our teachers gave a motivational speech about the environment. We then divided the children into groups of 10 with one staff member to coordinate them. Each group selected their leader and then discussed what they could do in the immediate future. They came up with lots of ideas but the following plans have been chosen to be carried out for the next three months as a school. Firstly, to avoid the use of plastic carry bags and plastics within the school, a banner will be displayed in each campus building to remind students not to use plastic carry bags. As we have never had recycling in the school, the Eco Club has decided to maintain two bins, one for rubbish and another one for recycling. The first Saturday of every month will be regarded as ‘Tree Planting Day’ when students can present plants and plant them in the school campus and in other public places. Students will also be asked to plant a tree in the school on their birthdays instead of bringing chocolate to the staff and their friends.
Plans also include planting trees in the public places of the villages and around the lake and organising an awareness programme for the village people to explain the importance of preservation of the environment. Children will also be encouraged to use plastic buckets and containers as flower pots and hang them in front of the school building. Each Eco Club member will adopt five plants and water them daily. Other plans include redirecting waste water to the garden when the water tanks overflow, and preparing organic manure in the school, with Eco Club members creating their own vegetable garden in the school. Students use taps to wash their hands and waste a lot of water, so the Eco Club members decided to save water by providing buckets with water and tumblers for washing hands. They will also raise awareness among students and staff about turning off the fans and tube lights when not used.
Eco Club members also arranged a visit to a factory in Pudupalayam where recycling is shredded and remade. In addition, the plan is to organise a two-day camp for the students and staff with Mr Piyush Manush, an environmentalist, who is involved with many environmental projects in Salem. It will give students the opportunity to learn about lots of environment-related issues and visit his projects. Finally, the Eco Club will promote a ‘Healthy Food Week’ in the school and encourage students to bring organic food to school for lunch and bring awareness among students for healthy eating.
The Eco Club will meet every three months to discuss future plans and get feedback from the members. As a school we have already planted 1,000 trees in the school and 600 trees in the villages. We will also organise guest speakers to motivate students with their eco projects and are planning to carry out various village outreach programmes.

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