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Feedback from the 2014 Eco-Summit

Tue 1 Jul 2014

A few choice answers from the attendees of the 2014 Eco-Summit ...

What have you most enjoyed today?

Science of cleaning – you got to get dressed up in a lab coat and goggles!

  • Earworms – I liked it because we made loads of noise
  • Wastebusters – I liked it because we talked about important things
  • Dolphin Rescue; it was very hands on
  • Both were really fun activities
    Science of cleaning – I thought it was good because I learned about good liquids and powder to wash clothes
    Weald & Downland – Different types of clothing from animals
  • The talk from Nicola about her work in the Amazon
  • Earworms, I can now annoy my teachers!
  • Woodcraft because I made a bracelet
  • I enjoyed the talk about the amazon because it made me think about how could we be more eco.
    Dolphin rescue – I thought it was fun
    Moving sounds – Very fun and eco
  • Fruit tree planting – because we did planting which was fun.
    Science of cleaning – we did a fun experiment
  • Kite / dolphin shown on stands too so if you didnt do workshops you dont miss out


From what you have learnt today, how can your school become more eco in preparation for the next summit?

  • Build a bench out of bottles
  • Make structures out of plastic and trash.
  • The school can be eco if they recycled more
  • Plan more trees and plants
  • By saving electricity
  • We could use less paper and put the paper in the right bin


Further comments

  • I loved the talk about the amazon and all the interesting ideas they have to cope with everyday challenges like the meatkene cookers and the rainwater tanks. I would really like to do a fundraising activity to raise money for the people in the amazon and for the materials needed to build devices like the rain tanks to help them live. My other favourite thing was making music with earworms, I was playing glass & water filled bottes, we had made a full scale of notes. And I think the straw whistle idea is ingenius!
  • Great day, well organised
  • The quiz was a really good way of getting students from different schools to interact. Good range of workshops. Start each workshop with a “key question” for that session
  • It was all planned very well and I loved it. It was really fun, especially the getting to grips with nature and recycling in WW2
  • A fabulous day. Very enjoyable for all pupils of varying ages. Very practical and involving. Well done and thankyou for all your hardwork