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Huge Plastic Milk Bottle Top Collection at 10th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit

Wed 28 Jun 2017

Schools attending the 10th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit organised by The E.Y.E. Project and hosted by Davison CE High School for Girls were asked to collect plastic milk bottle tops for a charitable recycling scheme that benefits Sight Support Worthing.

Staff from schools, their pupils and families collected a huge number of plastic milk bottle tops which were taken along to the event involving 24 local schools and hosted by Davison CE High School for Girls on 20th June.

Pupils from Davison CE High School for Girls, and Project Officer of the E.Y.E Project, Clare Sutton, presented the many sacks of colourful milk bottle tops to Steve Deane from Sight Support Worthing.

Bottle tops cannot be recycled in the normal recycling process and the milk bottle top collections not only benefit Sight Support Worthing but save the bottle tops from going to landfill.

Steve Deane, Sight Support Worthing said: ‘Two years ago, Worthing Society for the Blind, now known as Sight Support Worthing wanted to make more people in the community aware of them and the work they do in supporting people with sight impairment.

A decision was made to collect plastic milk bottle tops. These are collected and handed over to a local company who make children’s toys out of them. In return, a small remuneration for the tops is given to Sight Support Worthing. The funds assist in providing refreshments, tea coffee, cakes & biscuits etc. for its members.

On this occasion, Sight Support Worthing wish to thank all Staff, Pupils, and Parents from the 24 local schools who were involved in the collection and donation of the bottle tops to us at the E.Y.E Project’s 10th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit hosted by Davison High School, Worthing. Every little helps our charity.'

Sight Support Worthing collects milk bottle tops which must be washed clean, free from any paper, labels, foil or stickers. They can be any colour but only milk bottle tops are collected as other bottle tops are not accepted by the recycling firm. To find out more about the Sight Support Worthing collection visit www.

Photo credit: David Shaw, Photographer


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