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News to demonstrate the importance of the Beach Clean

Tue 8 Sep 2015

As you may recall the Worthing Beach Clean is being held on Saturday 19th September.

You may like to share the following information reported upon by a newspaper in June with your colleagues, pupils and parents to demonstrate the importance of the Beach Clean event and indeed the importance of being responsible with waste and not littering. 

A five-year-old boy discovered a 46-year-old crisps packet in Littlehampton this summer. Whilst this was a fascinating find for the family concerned as there was a competition closing date of 1968 on it, it is a shocking discovery which clearly demonstrates that litter like this does not biodegrade and remains for years and years. Action group Surfers Against Sewage has asked to use the crisp packet as part of a campaign to fight against sewage and litter on the beach.

The Worthing Beach Clean event promises much more than just a beach clean, it is also a Costal Sustainability Fair with various stands and activities. Please can you share details of this event with your colleagues, pupils and parents. It would be great for the school communities to be involved in the day.

Creative Waves who ran a workshop at the 8th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit at Shoreham College will also be doing recycled art activities at the Beach Clean & showcasing the BugCycle garden including the Eco Snail made from the wheels decorated by pupils at the recent Eco Summit.

Details of the event are shown below and in the attached itinerary:


Live your Heritage with Transition Worthing & British SubAqua Club: join a

Coastal Sustainability Fair and

MCS Great British Beach Clean & Annual Litter Survey

10:00h  Sat 19th Sept. Beach House Grounds, Worthing 


Note: To join Marine Conservation Society’s Beach Clean please sign up at one of the two web addresses below. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. - search for Worthing Beach on the MCS website – managed locally by BSAC/Worthing Dive.


Note: In rainy conditions the litter survey will still take place - with due attention to safety Complete cancellation only in the event of extreme weather conditions e.g. gale.

Itinerary & Activities:

09:00    Fortify yourself with a Beach Cleaner’s breakfast from a stand/local eatery!

10:00    Beach Cleaners register with organisers in Beach House Grounds.

               ALL- Browse stands: Energy, Water Sports; Marine Life, Fishing; Local Food;  

               Water & Gardening; Waste & Recycled Arts; Therapies, EcoOpen Houses.

10:30    Beach Cleaners - Briefing with Transition Worthing & BSAC

11:00    Beach Cleaners: Survey litter across 2 x 100m areas -work in small groups

               Search for Shark Egg Cases on a SWT Strandline Safari.

12:00    Beach Cleaners: back to base - weigh litter and return survey sheets.

               All make recycled ARTYfacts from rubbish with ‘Creative Waves’.

12:30    All: Folkloric Seaside Sing-along with Shanties & a Fishermen’s Rap with

               members of South Downs Folk Singers, EYE Project school children & others.               

1:00      Time for lunch? Try some locally caught fish at nearby stands or eateries.

               Visit BUGCYCLE at Beach House PARK- a Nature Garden using recycled materials.

2:00      West Sussex Geological Society guided walk - Coast, Climate & Construction –  

               looking at aspects of Natural & Built Heritage Environment near the coast.

3:30      End of Coastal Capers – goodbye, thank you, see you again next year? (15.10.16).


Note MCS will publish results of this year’s survey in March 2016.