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Plastic milk bottle top collection at Eco Summit for charity

Tue 17 May 2016

Plastic Milk Bottle Top Collection at 9th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit in June

This year we will be collecting plastic milk bottle tops for Worthing Society for the Blind who are collecting these as part of a charity recycling scheme.

This scheme will only accept the plastic tops from the plastic milk containers - 1, 2, 4 or even 8 pint tops are all fine, semi-skimmed, full fat or any other type and colour are all acceptable but they must be washed! 

These bottle tops cannot be recycled in the normal recycling collections and become household waste.

It would be great if every child attending the Eco Summit could be asked to start collecting their households washed plastic milk bottle tops now and bring them along to the Eco Summit. If every child brought along 10 milk bottle tops we would collect 2,500 on the day! Obviously the more milk bottle tops that we collect the more we will be helping to raise funds for this Charity and the less waste will be generated so please spread the word!

For more details about Worthing Society for the Blind and their collection go to:

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