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Recent Adventures of Ed The Bear

Wed 4 May 2016

For some of our local schools Ed The Bear is a familiar name as he has attended E.Y.E. project Eco Summits with Marine Biologist, Steve Savage.

Ed the Bear has continued to travel the Atlantic. After investigating the Atlantic Gyre where plastic debris collects and is a real danger to marine life, Ed the Bear continued his exploration. In previous visits to marine scientists in the USA Ed the Bear discovered how the ocean creates and moderates our climate and weather as well as providing freshwater, 50% of our oxygen and much more.

Ed the Bear has been investigating how oceans help to create weather and how differences in air and water temperature create different weather effects. For one thing, its heat escaping from the ocean into the air that creates the wind necessary to power the sailing vessel Moondancer that Ed the Bear has been traveling on. As the warm air rises cold air rushes into replace it – this is wind. Temperature also creates sea mists. Ed the Bear encountered a huge bank of mist off the Spanish Coast, which is like being in a cloud as the mist is also made up of tiny water droplets. Sea mist forms when mild air travels over the colder seawater. This causes the moisture in the air to condense into water droplets. It was very eerie but not so scary once you know the science. And as long as you have a great captain and crew to get you safely through.

So once you know how our climate and weather ‘works’ it’s easier to understand how climate change might affect our weather and climate. Just one degree rise in temperature will mean more moisture in the air which means more storms which may cause more flooding, coastal erosion and other damage. Climate change will also harm some marine life and this is what Ed the Bear hopes to learn more about in his continuing adventure.

Ed the Bear has been travelling with another Ed that many of you will know, Ed Wade-Martins from Moving Sounds who also runs very popular workshops at the EYE summits. Ed Wade-Martins is also captain of the Moondancer.

Ed Wade-Martins from Moving Sounds will be running a Workshop at the 9th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit in June.

Steve Savage who has provided this article, will be running a Workshop on the oceans at the Chichester Eco Summit in September.


Steve Savage has also advised us that he is running a CPD training day at Shoreham Beach Nature Reserve on Friday 13th May in partnership with South East Learning Associates. There are still places available. 

The day is an opportunity for Key Stages 1 and 2 teachers to explore the potential to incorporate a beach visit as part of a local study through science and geography. The training day will include relevant information about our local coast, practical workshops on the beach and activities focusing on bringing the seashore into the classroom.

Details are attached. Whilst the deadline is showing as 6th May there are still spaces available.