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Rocket Science - RHS Campaign for School Gardening

Tue 15 Dec 2015

With Tim Peake preparing for his blast off to the International Space Station today what better time to remind our schools of the RHS Campaign detailed in our Newsletter edition 3 (21-10-15).

RHS have teamed up with the UK Space Agency to turn your pupils into space biologists! The RHS Campaign for School Gardening has partnered with the UK Space Agency. The project, Rocket Science, will give around half a million UK children the chance to learn how science in space contributes to our knowledge of life on earth. Two kg of rocket seeds are now on board the International Space Station. After they return to the UK in Spring 2016, they will be packaged up with identical seeds that have stayed on earth. Participating schools will each receive two packets of 100 seeds to grow and compare, and a collection of fun and inspiring curriculum linked teaching resources and posters, tailored according to the age of your pupils.

The campaign wants pupils of all ages across the UK to embark on a voyage of discovery to see what growing plants in space can teach us about life on Earth and whether we can sustain human life in space through the production of our own food. Schools will be invited to input their results into a national online database so that results can be compared across all schools in the UK. The project is aimed at inspiring pupils to think scientifically and helping them to see the potential of future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) and Horticulture.

Schools, community groups and educational groups of all ages and abilities can apply for a Rocket Science resource pack here.