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A successful Climate Change Art Exhibition reception event

Wed 12 Oct 2016

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To celebrate a week long Climate Change art exhibition at the Ropetackle Arts Centre involing art and topic work from over 100 pupils, a reception evening with many of the young artists and their parents was held during the evening of 11th October. The event was opened by the Chair of Adur Council, Councillor Anne Bridges, and the Mayor of Worthing, Councillor Sean McDonald.

Six Primary and Secondary schools from the Worthing & Adur area were involved in the exhibition which displayed a range of artwork from pupils of all ages choosing different ways to get their Climate Change messages across. There were pictures of melting ice caps and polar bears; endangered panda's and orangutans; marine life encountering litter; the world overheating and on fire and many other strong images.  Many included powerful messages such as: 'Go eco friendly'; 'Help stop global warming before it is too late'; 'Recycle more'; 'Do something about this'; 'If there is no home for nature there will bee no nature' and 'Take care of our world'. There was also topic work on display on the subject of Climate Change.

Ropetackle Chairman, Martin Allen, said: “Pupils having been asked to use their own ideas  as to what climate change means, the artwork demonstrates an extraordinary level of understanding as well as graphically illustrating the dramatic effects on nature and the planet.”

Clare Sutton from the E.Y.E Project congratulated the pupils on the outstanding quality of their art and the work they had put in to research the subject. “There was a fantastic buzz about the event which was a great success with a huge turnout. It was good to meet so many of the young artists.”  

Councillor Anne Bridges spoke about the devastating effects of climate change on the environment and many species, and encouraged schools to continue giving attention to the subject.

The exhibition, which followed a Climate Change art competition held for the 9th Worthing & Adur Eco Summit, was organised by the E.Y.E Project (Eco, Young and Engaged) jointly with Ropetackle. Martin Allen added that in view of the level of engagement by schools, Ropetackle and the E.Y.E Project are planning to widen the theme with further projects.


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