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Worthing + Adur Eco-Summit 2013 retrospective

Fri 11 Oct 2013

On 30th April 2013 250 pupils, from 18 of our local schools, came together to take part in our 6th annual Eco-Summit event. Our largest event yet!

Davison High school hosted this year’s event and made us all very welcome. The staff and students worked hard to make sure the day ran very smoothly for us.

The 250 pupils, from primary and secondary schools, took part in a variety of different workshops including:

·         Amazing Amazon Adventures

·         The Science of Cleaning

·         Being Waterwise

·         Fairtrade

·         Minibeast Hunting

·         Dolphin Rescue

·         Earworms – Creating recycling jingles

·         How to be Healthy

·         Designing Outdoor Spaces

·         Marine habitats

·         Recycled Music

·         Sew Sussex

·         Making wind turbines

Students from both Davison High and St Andrew’s High ran workshops for the younger children to take part in. We are delighted that they wanted to take this step as it really added to the feel of the event. Both schools have taken part in the Eco-Summits since they began in 2008.

Other Davison and St Andrew’s student’s spent the day taking photographs which they put together for a slideshow at the end of the day.

After lunch Nicola Peel, a local environmentalist, spoke to everyone about her ongoing work in the Amazon Rainforest where she works with the indigenous people helping them to overcome the water pollution problems that they face, which are caused by oil companies drilling in the Amazon Basin.

Everyone at the event had an opportunity to leave a message on the Eco-Tree. Here are just a few of them…

‘I learnt that dolphins could only hold their breath for 10 minutes. I enjoyed looking after a pretend dolphin’.

‘I learnt that you could make music out of rubbish’

‘I learnt that when you run your heart beats faster’

‘I’ll write to David Cameron to buy Fairtrade’

‘Making wind turbines was fun, I learnt all about electricity’.

‘It was amazing learning about marine life because fish are my world!!’

I liked the Minibeast hunting because it was fascinating – brilliant, just brilliant!’

‘I didn’t know that female dragon flies eat their mate!’

‘I found out that it takes 1 000 000 years for an aluminium can to biodegrade’.

‘I learnt that seahorse, seals and cuttlefish live on our shoreline’.

I learnt that we need to be careful with rubbish because it kills animals’.

Lovely day, lovely people and lots to inspire me!