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Worthing Beach Clean update

Tue 13 Oct 2015

Great British Beach Clean

In conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society's Annual Litter Survey Global to Local, Transition Town Worthing (TTW) and BSAC (British SubAqua Club/Worthing Dive) organised a GREAT Worthing Beach Clean on Sat. 19th Sept. 2015.

118 Volunteers turned up to help clean up & then record what lands on our beach. 

Alongside the clean-up there was a shark egg case & strandline survey, a coastal geology walk, recycled arts activities, a seaside sing-along,  and stands showcasing wildlife conservation & waste reduction activities. There were also food stands including a discounted Beach Cleaners' Brekkie from Vice Puddings and free Paella lunch courtesy of The Fish Factory featuring locally caught seafood linked to the CatchBox Scheme.

Organisers have expressed their huge thanks to everyone who made this a very successful day in glorious September sunshine, and to school communities that were involved in the day.

TTW & BSAC are currently analysing the results. MCS will publish National outcomes for The 2015 GREAT British Beach Clean & Annual Litter Survey in March 2016! but organisers will let Worthing participants know their outcomes before then.

Last year’s results showed that plastic continues to arrive in large quantities.  Small pieces are mistaken as food and ingested by seabirds, dolphins and fish. Last year there was also a worrying increase in the volume of wet wipes flushed down toilets and out into the sea through sewerage systems. These are slow to degrade and are frequently washed up. Also, when tangled with cotton buds & the like they can cause serious blockages. Plastic bags create similar problems and tiny degrading plastic bag particles may be taken up by Zooplankton, the juvenile forms of sea creatures such as crabs & shellfish. Some countries have banned the use of plastic bags by supermarkets. We haven’t gone that far but now at least a charge of 5p may encourage even more folk to carry reusable bags! Some of these are highly imaginative and TTW are planning to showcase some designer sustainable bags made by Worthing folk next year! 

Here is a link to a video about the day:

Worthing Beach Clean 2015 video

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Sussex Wildlife Trust categorising egg cases.
Marine Display at Beach Clean