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Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE)

Wed 11 Mar 2015

Young People's Trust For the Environment (YPTE) are a charity that aim to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability. They offer a free service to schools across Sussex giving educational talks on a range of global issues.

We recently met Rachel Bell who is an Ecologist and the local Education Officer for YPTE delivering talks and presentations to schools in Sussex.

Her sessions are as interactive as possible to inspire pupils to look after the wonderful world that we live in. Sessions are usually 30 minutes to an hour but her service is flexible and can be anything from a 30 minute assembly to a whole day working with children on a specific project. She will liaise with teachers about what to expect and what they want, and her talks are often on a subject that the school is focusing on at the time.

Here is what River Beach Primary School in Littlehampton had to say about her recent visit to their school when she discussed environmental issues in general:

‘We had a fantastic day and the children got so much from her input. She produced some fantastic presentations and she had lots of resources for the children to look at and explore. I would definitely recommend her to other schools! ‘

Their website also has hundreds of great resources for kids, teens, teachers and parents on Environmental Issues, Animals and more. There is a specific section for teachers where there are a number of valuable resources including lesson plans, printable fact sheets, videos and various downloads.

They also link with the Total Green School Awards which is an annual competition which is now open for entries from pupils age 5-11. The closing date for this year’s competition is 8th May 2015.

Presidents of YPTE include Steve Backshall, John Craven OBE, and Prof. David Bellamy OBE.

For further information on the service she can provide please contact Rachel Bell at

The link to the YPTE website is